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The wedding fair in Siren is almost upon us! To get more information, check out their website here. I am excited to showcase my new booth design this year! Not only is a wedding fair a great way to find all of your wedding services in one spot, but it is also a great place for inspiration in planning your wedding.

At my booth you will find: sample prints & wall displays, sample albums, pricing information, 25% off any wedding package if you book with me at the wedding fair (only a down payment is due at that time to hold your date), and best of all………..CHOCOLATE!



I photographed many beautiful weddings last year. Mike and Kathy’s was my last wedding of 2014, just two days after Christmas. You can just see the love and happiness they have for each other here! I can’t wait to photograph your special day so you can look back on your own wonderful memories with timeless photographs!


Moving again! | New Studio | Hopkins Photographer

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newborn yellow blanket


It seems like I just moved into a studio, right?!?! Well it was just a few months ago. I signed a five-month lease and I am over half-way through. Moving out of my basement studio and into a commercial space taught me a lot! The first thing it taught me……..I NEED storage space. My current studio does not have much for me. If you’ve had a session, you know I love my props! Five trips to load my car, five trips into the studio, five trips out of the studio & five trips back into my house to put everything away after ONE session is exhausting! I took a month & a half to look for a new space that would have enough room for everything & still be convenient for my clients. I am moving to downtown Hopkins! My studio will be above Blake Antiques right on Main Street. I will no longer be sharing a space with another photographer. The photographer I am currently sharing with is GREAT, but I just need more storage.

I am super excited to get my own space & to decorate! I will be in my current studio in Minnetonka until mid-March. The transition will happen in the first two weeks of the month, so if you happen to have a session around that time, it might be at my current studio, but if things come together fairly quickly, I will definitely want to start using my new space ASAP!

It is likely not going to be my forever-space because I have a dream to one-day have a storefront close to home, but it is what works for now. I looked at storefront spaces. They are WAY out of my budget, but one day I hope to have a higher volume of clients so I can afford that. My other option would be to raise my prices, but to be honest, I am happy with where they are at. I am not a $300 session fee photographer and I’m okay with it. I know plenty of photographers that charge that and more. I also know I am too expensive for some & that is okay too. We all have different budgets for different things. I desire to stay where I am at & stay busy! If you know anyone having a baby soon, send them my way! I am in the slow season now, so any referral is ALWAYS greatly appreciated (and rewarded :) ). I have a booth at the Siren Destination Wedding Fair on Sunday where I will have a booking special too. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, but can’t make it, don’t hesitate to email me. I can let you in on the booking special—it goes until January 31st!




In other news, your photo ordering process is going to change once my new studio is up and running. Online galleries will become a thing of the past. There are a few reasons for this. One–they really confuse some people. Some have no problems at all & some have so much trouble that I wish I could be there to hold their hand through the process (and now I will—figuratively, of course, I won’t really hold your hand). Two–I hate to even mention this, but images are being screen-shot from phones & computers. You might think “no big deal” right?!?! Well, unfortunately, this is stealing. I have been letting it slide & I care less when someone buys all of the digital images (because they are getting them anyway). But there are a few that do it & then don’t buy anything. This hurts my livelihood. This is how I pay my bills and support my family. It is no different than going to the store and taking something from the shelf without paying. Three–I want to provide you with more customer service. It is so much easier to talk about options when we are together than through 20 emails.


You get a couple options. I will cull through your images right after we finish photographing your session in the studio, then show them to you & you can order right then. I will take your images through Photoshop & do full edits before I send them to the print lab. This option will put your prints in your hand in half the time! Of course, if you want to buy all of the digital images, it will take a bit longer since I will need to edit everything. :) Another option will be to schedule a second appointment to come in to view and order your portraits. Online galleries will still be available for clients who are on baby milestone plans that include the digital images as well as wedding clients.




I’m excited for 2015 and all the changes that are coming my way!

Maeryn | 6 Months | Minneapolis Baby Photographer

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Miss Maeryn has been coming to see me since she was a newborn. I just did her one year photos a few days ago & she is just as cute as ever! I thought it was time to get her six month photos up on the blog. I have a giant backlog of sessions to get up, but blogging always seems to take a backseat to all of the other tasks I have to keep my business running! Enjoy her cuteness! :)









January Special | Minnetonka Photographer

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We are almost a week into 2015. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t. I never do. I don’t like setting myself up for failure. ;) If you haven’t seen it already (I posted it on Facebook a week & a half ago), I’m offering mini sessions all month long in January. You can choose either in-studio, or outdoor (still at the studio, right outside!). 20-30 minute session and 10 digital images for $125 plus tax.

January minis


Tucker | 6 months | Minneapolis Baby Photographer

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I get to see this handsome young man in a couple weeks for his one-year photos! I almost sold this prop because it is so darn heavy, but it’s still in my basement & it’s staying!

This car set was the first one we did. Don’t let it fool you, he was hamming it up for a good part of his session. I think he was just stunned & probably a little scared of the giant camera in front of my face (most 6 month olds are!).

















Family Christmas Tree Documentary Session | Minnesota Family Photographer

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I don’t get the opportunity to do many documentary family sessions, but I adore them so! I have been wanting to photograph a family out to get their Christmas tree for a couple years now & I finally did this year. It was super fun & I really hope to book more next year! There is nothing better than capturing those priceless traditions your family will treasure for years to come!


Rum River Tree Farm Family Session

Family Tradition Christmas Tree Session




Tree Farm Session




Family Christmas Session Minneapolis


2 year session

'T' Sisters | Minneapolis Children's Photographer

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I have to admit, blogging is not a strong suit of mine. I don’t blog every session & when the busy season hits, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t see much at all. I did a quick run back through my sessions earlier this year & found an adorable session of these two beautiful sisters from spring. I will be getting a TON of sessions posted once things slow down.


As always, if you want to share blog posts with family & friends, featuring your awesome sessions, please do!


Easter Mini Session Minneapolis


Easter Mini Session Minneapolis






We even squeezed in a new themed set that I had in the works in my head. I’m so glad this little cutie was able to squeeze into the mermaid fins that I made just a bit too small for her. :)



January Wedding | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

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On occasion I get hired by other photographers to be a second shooter for a wedding they have booked. In January, I had the privilege of second shooting for my awesome friend Kandace of Kandy Rae Photography. We are each others main second shooters when it comes to weddings & we love it because we know that we can count on each other to get the same quality work that we produce ourselves.


J & A had a beautiful wedding on the last day of January. I was honored to be a part of it!